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We provide you with legal Settlement Agreements for your Employee/s, Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts that can be used to end the employment relationship on agreed terms.

The main feature of a settlement agreement is that it waives an Employee’s right to make a claim to a court or employment tribunal on matters that are specifically outlined in the agreement. Settlement agreements may be proposed prior to another formal process starting.

This section provides you with the documentation to issue and deliver a settlement agreement to an Employee.

Should you not be able to find what you are looking for please do contact a member of the HR and You Ltd team, we as always are more than happy to assist.

Please be aware that all documents or templates purchased are strictly non-refundable, the documents are sold for your own usage and not for commercial resale. 

Settlement Agreements Tool Kits

Settlement Agreement for Employment Purposes

Settlement Agreement for Employment Purposes, this document is useful when you wish to exit an Employee from your business, as this is an Employment Law template document, to enable the use of this agreement you will need to have a good understanding of the concept of such agreements prior to entering into any discussions with your Employee.  Should you require any assistance prior to making a purchase please contact a member of the HR and You Ltd team in the first instance.


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Your FREE Guide to Settlement Agreements

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We have produced a FREE guide to assist you with our template settlement agreements or assistance with our bespoke agreements.

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement either during or following the termination of employment, which brings the employment to an end. It is recognised by statute and is the only way you can validly “contract out” of your employment law rights. It usually provides for a severance payment; in return for which the Employee agrees not to pursue any claim or grievance, they may have in an employment tribunal.

A Settlement Agreement is not the same as reaching an agreement with ACAS, any agreement settled in that way may still leave the Employer liable to a claim at tribunal.

You can find our template in the toolkit which you can purchase and download today.

We always urge Employers to seek our advice prior to discussing matters with Employees, if you need any assistance call a member of the team today.

**We can also check and agree on Employee settlement agreements, acting on behalf of the Employee, our standard fee is in line with guidelines at £500.00 (ex vat).




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