We want you to have the absolute best people in your business, we also want you to retain them too, that is why onboarding your new Employees is so very important. 

We have documentation that you can use to get things right even before your Employee starts with you, from new starter checklists to induction forms, we have all of the correspondence you need. 

We can create bespoke Onboarding Presentations for your business, these are not included as downloadable purchasable documents but please do contact a member of the HR and You Ltd team, we are always more than happy to assist.

Please be aware that all documents or templates purchased are strictly non-refundable, the documents are sold for your own usage and not for commercial resale. 

Onboarding Tool Kits

Agreement to Disapply the 48-Hour Working Week

Agreement to Disapply the 48-Hour Working Week

Employees have the right to disapply to working the 48 week, 3 months notice is the statutory period to opt in/out for both Employers and Employees.

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Contract of Employment for a Contracted Employee

Contract of Employment for a Contracted Employee

This document is a legal document between the Employer and the Employer and set out the terms upon which both parties will work during the employment journey, this document meets the requirements of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and it supersedes any earlier written or verbal arrangement between either parties.

Should you be requiring a Contract of Employment for a Zero Hours Employee please take a look at our toolkit as we have one available to purchase as a template download, similarly if you are seeking one for an Apprentice or placement we have more suitable documents to use in our toolkit.

This document is a template and therefore can be amended to suit your requirements, it is in word format, you will need to remove all highlighted text from the document before use.

Should you require any further assistance please contact a member of the HR and You Ltd team.

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DSE Assessment Form

DSE Assessment Form

This form/Checklist can be used for Office Employers can issue the form/checklist on a regular basis to ensure their Employees are working safely at work.


If you are seeking a Home-Worker DSE Assessment form/checklist, please take a look at our toolkit and purchase the Homeworker DSE Form.

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GDPR - Data Privacy Notice for Job Applicants

This DATA PRIVACY NOTICE MUST be provided to all job applicants in line with GDPR

[Notes to employer:  *Throughout this document you must either insert or delete information where you see square brackets [].

***This document must be read in conjunction with the Guidance notes on completing the Data Privacy Notice for job applicants.] We will update our documents, accordingly, so please ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of our documents.

You will find more relevant documents included on our online toolkit for your use.

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Home-working Risk Assessment

Home-working Risk Assessment

This document can be used for Employees working from home – it covers all areas of home-working, should you require a DSE Assessment please check our Toolkit and purchase the DSE Assessment Form/Checklist for separate use.

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Induction Checklist

Induction Checklist

New Employees, Apprentices and any work placements MUST also be issued with a Data Privacy Notice which you can find on our HR Online Toolkit.

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New Starter Details Form

New Starter Details Form

This form should be filled out by the new starter

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Reference Request Letter for Prospective Employee

This reference request letter can be used to send out for prospective candidates or newly appointed ones, you should send to at least 2 previous employers one being the most recent. you can adapt the letter to suit your own needs and also send to character references too. this is a downloadable letter in word format.

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Template Employee Handbook

Template Employee Handbook

The purpose of your Employee handbook is to provide a clear and concise overview of your policies and procedures of your business; you should set out your expectations and standards and what your Employees will receive in return for their hard work and dedication too.

Our Employee Handbooks are comprehensive, they contain 68 policy and procedural documents, they are written in plain English and have the end user in mind, the document which has been drafted in March 2021 is legally compliant in line with UK legislation and the ACAS Code of practice and the document where relevant refers to legislation as reference points.

The Employee Handbook is created for the UK market, has a front cover, a contents page, all policies are numbered throughout, with a review page at the rear and the document whilst being a template is highlighted throughout making it easy for you to amend where necessary.

Please contact a member of the HR and You team if you are seeking a bespoke Handbook as we are more than happy to create this for you. you may also want to take a look at other documents in our toolkit or bundle deals.

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The Essential HR Document Starter Bundle

At HR and You Ltd we understand that not all business owners want to use the provision of a HR Outsourced provider when they first set up in business or when they have only 1 or 2 Employees, that is why we have produced our HR Essential Document Starter bundle, we also offer this same package with the addition of 12 months advice and guidance, please contact us if you would like to know more about this product.

This bundle is ideal for businesses who need a bit of a refresher on all of their documents or have not got anything in place just yet. It is also just the perfect fit for a start-ups and smaller business with less than 5 employees but will also suit businesses with up to 10. There is a lot of legislation in relation to employing people, so we have created a brilliant package that ensures you will have everything in place, up to date with the latest employment law and best practice, to safeguard both you and your employees.

Although this bundle is a template bundle the most important part of the documentation is the Employment Contract and for that reason, this document is fully compliant with the Good Work Plan, as with all of the other documents they are created to allow you to adapt to your business structure but provide extensive guidance on how to make it fit your needs. We have seen a variety of templates downloaded from google which have got some Employers into trouble, so we want to remove that risk and provide you with protection and importantly legal compliance.

The Essential HR Document Starter Bundle includes 15 documents:

  • HR Health Check (this is normally provided free of charge)
  • Employment Contracts
  • Conditional Offer of Employment Letter
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • H&S Policy
  • New Starter Form
  • Right to Work Checklist
  • Holiday Request Form
  • Return to Work (sick) Form
  • Probation Review Form
  • Induction Form
  • X3 Probation Letters 1,2 &3


Overall saving when buying as a bundle £290.00



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Working Time Regulations 1998 - Maximum Working Time opt out

Working Time Regulations 1998 – Maximum Working Time opt out

Under Regulation 4 (1) of the Working Time Regulations 1998, you can only work more than 48 hours a week on average (including overtime and time for other employers or businesses) if you have agreed to do so in writing.

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