Social Values Statement

Last updated: July 2021

1. The HR and You Ltd Approach

  1. At HR and You Ltd our approach to creating the maximum social value in the community that we operate in is underpinned by our mission and guiding principle, this is with a key focus on bringing out the absolute best in Employees throughout their employment journey and building sustainable businesses.
  2. At HR and You Ltd we work across varying sectors and industries of any size.
  3. We hold strong beliefs that social and environmental wellbeing in connection with the community should be forged by us.
  4. It is our belief that our value to the community lies in not only the provision of improved and efficient service delivery to our clients, but also through investing and making a social impact in the local and wider community where we work.
  5. The HR and You Ltd social goals are based around 4 distinct areas and many initiatives are not driven by a proclivity, simply by our company values and diverse nature:
    1. Building and sustaining excellent relationships
    2. Valuing people and their differences
    3. Challenging ourselves and each other
    4. Protecting reputations
    5. Being trusted to deliver great services
    6. Striving to deliver excellent services
  6. Through collaboration with our own Associates, Clients, Customers, Suppliers and other Stakeholders we are committed to enhancing both the lives of our Associates and those within our wider community by focusing on:
    1. Community Engagement
    2. Associate Wellbeing
    3. Local Economy, Employment & Skills
    4. Environment

2. Community Engagement

  1. The HR and You Ltd approach is to undertake activities that deliver benefits to local and wider community.
  2. We do this by providing:
    1. Supporting five schools, and local nurseries all of which are charities.
  3. At HR and You Ltd we work with local charities to deliver additional benefits to the community in which we work.
    1. On an annual basis several charities we support have benefitted from £2,996.00, this is the level of discount that we apply to the services and products that we offer to each of them.
    2. We offer our discount to all charities regardless of who they are, we believe this makes a real difference to them, we do this rather than donations as we believe it makes a greater impact.

3. Our Associate Wellbeing

  1. At HR and You Ltd we understand the importance of the mental health and wellbeing of each of our Associates.
  2. We work in an open, warm, and welcoming environment, one that provides each member the opportunity to express themselves, learn and develop at their own pace.
  3. At HR and You Ltd we embrace a diverse workforce and celebrate individuals for who and what they are every day, we celebrate our culture, both as individuals and as a team.

4. The HR and You Ltd Team Building Activities

  1. At HR and You Ltd we have been taking a hybrid approach to work during Covid-19, during this we have still managed to come together as a team to collaborate and spend time team building.
  2. Our resent office move has raised our spirits as a team and afforded the team the space to ‘stretch out’, in our open plan office with plenty of breakout areas to work in tranquillity.

5. The Local Economy, Employment & Skills

  1. At HR and You Ltd procuring goods and services locally where possible is hugely important to us.
  2. We have discontinued our relationship with E-Bay as a supplier, this is due to a lack of UK suppliers and costs.
  3. We use local print, IT, Telecoms, and any other trade suppliers.
  4. The provision of on-site food and buffet lunches are provided by a local independent seller in Egerton, this is half a mile from our new premises.
  5. Our Christmas party will be held in the local area.

6. Creating employment opportunities within the communities that we work

  1. At HR and You Ltd during Covid-19 we have appointed 6 new Associates, we have done during a difficult period but believe that our opportunity for growth is extensive.
  2. We are appointing one apprentices as a HR Consultant into our HR Team, this will make our HR Advisory team 6 strong.
  3. We have offered real and sustainable opportunities for local young people, we have done this via the Kickstart program and so far, have X2 placements, we are due to have another 4 join us in the Autumn.
  4. By the end of the financial year our aim is to be a team of 14, this includes our team of Employment Law Consultants.

7. At HR and You Ltd we provide our Associates with new skills for the future

  1. Each member of our team can learn new skills, and to continuously develop, they can do so by studying further for their next level of CIPD up to and including level 7.
  2. This will be fully funded by HR and You Ltd.
  3. We currently have one associate studying CIPD level 3, who is an apprentice and another studying CIPD level 5.

8. Environmental

  1. At HR and You Ltd we use resources efficiently to reduce waste.
  2. We only use internal paperless systems
  3. We do not print documentation unless it is necessary

9. We strive to play our part to reduce emissions to improve health in the local community

  1. At HR and You Ltd we take a hybrid working approach, this means that for many of our Associates they spend over 50% of their working time at home.
  2. Our Employment Law Consultants work from home continuously and therefore this reduces the impact of any travel to the workplace.
  3. We continue to monitor and report our social value impact and review our statement on an annual basis.

Fran Crossland

Founder and Director

HR and You Ltd