Free Guides and Calculators

We at HR and You Ltd want to provide as much advice and guidance as possible. We think people are important, and as such, we want to provide employers with as much information as we can to keep them compliant. Therefore, we have produced a series of free human resource guides and calculators that you can download and use as much as you would like, we do have many more guides, so if you want something that is not listed please feel free t get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

Guide to Director's Redundancy Pay

If you are a Director you may not be aware that you are entitled to claim for Statutory Redundancy Payments. Directors who can prove their status as an Employee of the business may qualify for a number of statutory payments.

Guide to Disciplinary and Grievance

This guide covers the ACAS Code of Practice to Disciplinary and Grievance. We have not amended the ACAS Code of Practice in any way, as we always recommend you follow ACAS on procedures like these.

Guide to Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement either during or following the termination of employment, which brings the employment to an end. Our purchasable template can be used alongside this guide.

Guide to Homework Risk Assessments

As an Employer you have a duty of care for your Employees. This is regardless of whether they work in an office, at home or are site based, and you have a responsibility to carry out a risk assessment to check aspects of their workplace and other factors.