Natal Parental Policy and Procedure

Natal Policy and Procedure

As an Employer you should have a Maternity Policy and Procedure, we use gender-neutral language in this policy, this means rather than using the word Maternity we have replaced it with Natal, we also have replaced references to she, her, and mother instead replaced with gender-neutral terms, this reflects modern employment practices and alleviates any discrimination. this policy and procedure document should be used in accordance with the ACAS Code of practice, you can use this policy and procedure to add to your Employee Handbook or as a standalone document in your workplace.

Should you still wish to opt for a more traditional Maternity policy then do not worry, please use our toolkit and you will find our Maternity Policy.

This is a template document, we have added areas to enable you to make the document bespoke to your own business, it is for use in the UK.