HR and You's Holiday Calculation Tool

Welcome to the HR and You Holiday Entitlement Calculator. This tool is designed to estimate how many holidays an employee is entitled to, either in a single year, or between two dates.

According to the Working Time Directive, all employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks of holiday per year – three weeks of regular holiday, and a further 1.6 weeks to cover bank holidays. This calculator is designed to tell you how many bank holidays fall within that span of time, if your policies state employees must use annual leave on bank holidays.

Our calculator pulls data from the government’s own website regarding bank holidays, to ensure accuracy – as of writing in December 2021, the government has only released official bank holidays up until January 1st, 2023. Because of this, we cannot calculate holidays beyond this range. We have restricted the date inputs by this file to ensure we provide the most accurate data available.

Please note that this calculator may not reflect current legislation due to delays with updating its algorithm. Though we have made every effort to ensure it is accurate, we recommend cross-referencing it’s answer against the government’s own advice. This is not legal advice – when in doubt, please contact us for advice and guidance.