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The Start of your Journey

Employing people can be daunting there are many legal obligations you need to comply with but you need to ensure your new Employee gets the very best start they can do, our HR Consultants and Practicing Employment Lawyers are here to help you every step of the way.

Whilst we are most certainly not a recruitment agency we can act as your very own recruitment partner, we fully support you through this process, from the early planning stage, to creation of JD’s and candidate questions, we can advertise the role and will search for the most suitable candidates for you.

When acting as your partner we can screen and conduct any interviews you require, we also provide all documentation keeping you legally compliant.

We can offer training to your management teams in relation to recruitment, and support them where required.

  • We offer a fully outsourced partner service
  • We handle the whole process
  • Impartial and confidential
  • All documentation is provided and legally compliant
  • No agency fees and we understand you, your culture your brand, and strategy
Written Statements of Employment Particulars – New change on 6 April 2020

Under the new Legislation the Employment Rights (Employment Particulars and Paid Annual Leave) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 & Employment Rights (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019, employees commencing employment on or after 6 April 2020 must be provided with the “Written Statement of Employment Particulars” on their first day of employment.

This is made up of:

  • The main document (known as a “Principle Statement”)
  • A Wider Written Statement

It is important to note that the “Wider Written Statement” need not be provided on the first day of employment and can still be issued within 2 months.

The Principle Statement should include the details below:

  • Both parties names and addresses
  • Job title or description of duties
  • Duration of contract, Permanent, Fixed Term, Zero etc, specify how long it is expected to last
  • Terms relating to days or weeks they are required to work
  • Salary, how much they will be paid, timing of payment and how
  • Location of work, if variable it needs to specify this, relocation where necessary
  • Hours & days of work which may be variable, & how that variation is calculated
  • Any terms relating to paid leave such as mat leave
  • Benefits provided such as medical cover, bonuses etc
  • Details of any probationary period, & length of probation any conditions applicable
  • Any training provided, including that which is a prerequisite of the role & any other training they must complete, but for which the employer will not contribute towards
  • Specify if the role requires employee to work outside UK and additional details ie; pay, currency, travel, benefits.

Upon providing the “Wider Written Statement” you need to add further and fuller details:

  • Pensions
  • Collective Agreements
  • Any other rights non-compulsory training provided by the employer
  • Disciplinary and Grievance procedures.

As part of our People Box Package for our retained clients we review and update your Written Statements of Employment Particulars where there are legislation changes/amendments and or annually free of charge.

Contact us today, we can draft your documentation and provide you with up to date advice and guidance.

Your Handbook is an important document, it contains your policies and procedures all in one document.  All of our policies and procedures are legally compliant, we can keep yours up to date and legally compliant

  • We view our Handbooks as “The Go To” for your people.
  • It contains everything your people need in relation to the employee relationship, it provides clear guidance, help and support and signposts your people when they need it the most.
  • It is a guide and is used as a workable framework for your Management team

For our retained clients we review your Handbooks where there are legislation changes or annually free of charge.


You are doing well, don’t lose the momentum

Once your Employee starts with you it is then time to ensure they are trained to the best of their ability, we can help you with our L&D programs and documentation.

We are here to support and guide you where you require bespoke or adjustments to development programs, we believe your people should be progressed, nurtured and retention is key to success and growth.

We are able to partner with you to achieve the best.

  • Bespoke programmes designs
  • Routes to success
  • Valued workshops
  • Engaged teams
  • Empowered teams

We offer full support when you need it the most, we have a wealth of knowledge in L&D and can develop bespoke packages to suit your needs and we also deliver our own workshops throughout the year, we believe continuous development is the key to your success and growth.

  • It ensures your people are trained to carry out their role
  • They will feel empowered and be more effective within their role
  • Your absence levels and labour turnover will reduce
  • Your brand integrity and loyalty will improve
  • It will enhance your CSR and you will become an employer of choice
  • Your financial growth and profits will improve

We can help you with, policy, processes, support and guidance right through to the all-important decision making processes. We offer training and development for your team to ensure you make the right choices at the right time ensuring you are making the provisions for robust development plans, setting clear and achievable objectives and building reviews for the future.

We also offer you support with succession planning for the future which ultimately organises your recruitment planning and visions for growth.

  • We can assist, support and guide you
  • Ensure your policy and processes are robust
  • Set clear, achievable objectives and ensure these are reviewed
  • Build succession plans for future growth enablement


Now you are really on a winning streak…

You need to nurture your Employees and you can do this by creating an inclusive and embracing workforce, looking after their wellbeing and having workable policies, we work with you to ensure you create all of this.

Your policy documentation needs to be kept up to date with legislation and this can change on a frequent basis. All of our policies are legally compliant, we can keep yours up to date and legally compliant.

  • They set the standards for your people
  • They outline and identify your expectations
  • Policies ensure there is a level of consistency within your business
  • Policies provide your Management team a workable framework

For our retained clients we review your policies and processes where there are legislation changes or annually free of charge.



We know that engaged people perform better, are more productive, attend work regularly and are committed, when businesses engage and adopt strategies, policy and processes that work this can then increase financial growth and profitability. We can work with you to establish the best methods that will work in your business and with your teams.

  • Financial growth and increased profit
  • Happy and committed teams
  • Shared visions
  • Recruitment and retention rate improvements

We actively support well-being within the workplace and will support you with your policy and processes, we have a whole host of these for you and can bespoke these according to your requirements, we offer full training and support in relation to health and well-being and these may fall under our “family friendly” section or our “equal opportunities for all” section which includes mental health and well-being, we can support, train and guide you in any given situation and it is wise to seek support as these matters can be complex.

We also offer workshops for your management team and team training in Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence and Neurodiversity.

  • We offer bespoke policy and process documents
  • We support and guide you
  • Your people feel supported
  • Your people feel they have a voice and valued
  • You will benefit from a reduction in labour turnover and absence levels
  • Workshops – mental health awareness

We are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and are passionate about the subject, we are here to support you in the process, this can sometimes appear daunting but let us help you.

We will initially conduct an audit of your HR department, policies and procedures, when we have completed this we will recommend areas that are required to ensure you are legally compliant and comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation.

We will complete a critical path and work through this systematically to achieve the outcomes within the agreed timescales and that are achievable within your business.

  • Legally compliant
  • Adhering to ICO framework
  • Your people will gain a clearer understanding of their rights
  • By becoming compliant you will become more efficient within your HR function**
**Where you may only require documentation to ensure your legal compliance we supply these as part of our ‘Documents in a Box’ Package, prices per document in this range start from £50.00 (Ex Vat) Alternatively we can provide you with a full DP 2018 Document Bundle for £265.00 (Ex Vat).
This includes:
Employee Data Protection Privacy Notice and Consent form 
Employee Data Protection Data Protection Privacy Policy 
Website Privacy + Cookie Policy 
All of our documents are drafted to an extremely high standard; all documents are tailored to your individual needs and branded.

We understand the need to have a business which is “family friendly” and welcoming to all is of paramount importance, we ensure we advocate this in our policies and hero this in our business model too.

We do not just incorporate Maternity, Paternity, Parental, Adoption and Shared Parental Rights, benefits and leave into our policies we understand the needs, issues, feelings and complexities your people and you can be faced with.

In line with new Employment Law Legislation on 6 April 2020 we have introduced our new policy which is “Parental Bereavement Leave” and this policy is now added to all of our Handbooks as standard.

  • We understand the legal system and are adept in dealing with HR matters, with care, compassion and with ease.
  • This extends to our flexible working, dependants and other special leave polices.
  • We are proud of all of our policies, the support we provide to you and your people and these are known as “Family Friendly – all under one roof”.

Importantly we understand that in the modern and changing world we live in today work life balance, caring for families, loved ones and working flexibly is a No1 priority, we also understand maintain your brand integrity is key to your success, assists with attracting candidates and reduces absence and labour turnover – a win win…


Problems will happen, it’s how they are dealt with that matter

There comes a time when performance management is inevitable, we can handle this for you effectively and efficiently.

For the majority of the time your people may not cause you any headaches but when they do it can lead to complexities that can easily escalate, we are experts in dealing with people.

Our advice is always seek help as soon as possible because it does assist the process. Where you cannot or have not sought help, don’t worry, there are not many situations we won’t have dealt with. We have over 25 years’ experience so have seen and dealt with most situations.

  • Get to the root of the issue efficiently
  • We will provide the best solution for you
  • Resolve your issue keeping you legally compliant

We provide you with all the help and support you need when managing the performance of your team, this may be conduct or capability, capability may be due to health issues but at times we can also help you with this, we provide you with up to date policy and process documentation and can train your managers. We also support you through what can be at times a difficult process.

We understand at times you may have concerns and the initial stage would be to initiate a thorough investigation. This is a crucial stage for your people and you.

  • Assists you to gather relevant, factual and historical data
  • It ensures you can make an informed decision which is the right one for the individual and your business.
  • It ensures you are acting reasonably and consistently whilst taking a fair and balanced approach
  • Your people will feel the process has been followed leading to increased trust and productivity
  • It can alleviate the progression and formal process of a disciplinary

Unfortunately, unacceptable conduct and capability is a fact of life in business, where you do need to progress your investigation, we are here to help you.

  • The process sets the acceptable standards within your business
  • Assists in the improvement process for your people
  • Informed decisions can be taken which are right for the individual and your business.
  • Ensures you are acting reasonably and consistently whilst taking a fair and balanced approach
  • Your people will feel the process has been followed leading to increased trust and productivity

We are here to support you through the complexity of any appeal process you may face, your people have the legal right to lodge an appeal, we will support and guide you through this time.

  • The process is a legal requirement
  • It demonstrates you are remaining impartial, fair and consistent
  • Exit interviews

We add this at the end as we believe a grievance may arise at any time and not just following the disciplinary process, a grievance may start as a small dispute and escalate, it is therefore wise to seek help in the early days, grievances may also be guised in different formats than the normal written format. We can help to support, train and provide solutions for your teams and resolve any grievances you may have.

Your people have a legal right to raise a grievance and we provide you with our “Equal Opportunities for All” policies and procedures which promote positive and winning cultures, engagement and inclusion for all.

  • Creates positive cultures
  • Encourages people to have a voice and to openly discuss their issues
  • Remain legally compliant

We can help you resolve disputes within the workplace that arise that you may find either uncomfortable or tricky, we can handle difficult conversations, conflict and mediation for you. We can also offer support and training for your team.

  • Reduces stress at work
  • Disputes can be resolved and nipped in the bud early
  • Impartial advice
  • Avoids grievances and tribunals
  • Improved working relationships = increased motivation and productivity
We are experts in dealing with conflict in the workplace and can provide you with practical assistance, whether this be on-site or over the telephone in an urgent situation you can be guaranteed you will only ever be working with your dedicated HR Professional.

Undoubtedly Absence Management can be problematic, we can assist by not only creating policies and processes that are bespoke, we can assist you through what sometimes be a lengthy process saving you money in the long run.

  • Our policies and processes provide your people with clarity
  • Our documentation is comprehensive and covers the well-being of your people assisting in the early return and therefore reducing the financial implications
  • We ensure we support you through the process
  • Our policies are bespoke whilst ensuring they are fair and consistent
  • We can train your Line Managers in all areas to provide a clear understanding and gain confidence

We understand you may need to support your people where long-term absence exists, we can help you manage this process, the welfare of the individual, the referral to OH whilst ensuring the documentation is legally compliant.

We aim to promote health and well-being in all cases but understand this may not always be possible we can take the issue from you by remaining impartial whereby the capability of an individual is progressed, and they may not be capable of a return to work.

  • We can handle your long-term absence effectively
  • We can refer and decipher OH reports making informed decisions
  • We are impartial


Change is inevitable – we are here

Nothing ever stops and your business will change, perhaps you will need to downsize and in time you will grow, with any change you can rely on us to help you plan your people strategy for you

In an ever-changing world your business is evolving daily and so your team will need to adapt and change with these. We have policy and process to help you, we can assist with training and support and where necessary performance management.

  • Communicate your mission statement and values
  • Increase your growth for the future by empowering your people to achieve
  • Gain buy in from your people
  • Train your people

TUPE is a tricky area which requires delicate care and precision to handle but don’t worry, our professional HR team will handle all of headaches of TUPE transfers.

  • We take care of everything for you
  • Handle the whole people process
  • Carry out all “due diligence” with precision and care
  • All measures are thoroughly checked, and double checked
  • We can assist with consultation meetings
We can handle the process for you and ensure you remain legally compliant, we only use HR and Legal professionals to complete complex work, as such you can be assured you will receive the very best outcome.

We can take the HR process on board for you as the process can be lengthy and there is a mountain of “due diligence”, we are experts in this field.

  • We take care of the process for you
  • Carry out “due diligence” with precision and care
  • Assist with communication plans and documents
  • Communicate and consult with teams
We can handle the process on your behalf and only use HR and Legal Professionals to complete complex matters, as such you can be assured your matter will be handled carefully and with due diligence. 


Time for the Journey to end

It is sad at times when your Employees leave you so long as they have done so amicably and both parties have learnt from each other then the journey has been successful. We are here to support you with all the tools in every situation good or bad when your Employee leaves.

In the event you need to take action to restructure, downsize or in the unfortunate circumstances you need to close your business we can help you.

It is at times like these you need to seek professional assistance, we can help you with our professional and experienced team we can make sure  procedures, are followed and you remain legally compliant, we are experts in this field and have managed this process many times before.

We ensure you are provided with up to date advice and guidance which is in line with ACAS and provide you with all of your correspondence and documentation along the way.

  • Robust policy and procedural implementation
  • Support to ensure the best outcomes
  • We can handle the entire process for you

We ensure that you make the right choices whether this be Lay-off, Redundancy or where applicable Furloughing of employees.

Redundancy is a complex area as such we always advise you make contact with us as soon as possible to ensure we can assist you in the best possible way.

We appreciate you may have an issue whereby you need to establish an exit strategy as this is the best solution all round, we can manage this process effectively and efficiently for you, explaining the process and options available, the provision of all documentation and negotiating the best outcome for your business is our No1 priority ensuring we keep you legally compliant.

  • Legally compliant
  • Future proof against any claims
  • Brings about a mutually agreeable agreement for both parties
  • We simplify the process and provide support and guidance
  • Cost effective
We offer a Settlement Agreement approval service, Employees and Employers may use this service, our standard rate meets the approved cost at starting at £500.00 (Ex Vat), Our Employment Lawyers are on hand to handle your matter with confidentiality.
You can find more information on our Packages Page or simply contact us to find out how we can help you more.
We represent both Employers an Employees in all Employment Law matters.

We understand and keep fully up to date with employment law, in fact we love it. We ensure the service you are provided including policies and process are legally compliant, we have a team of fully qualified and practicing Employment Lawyers on hand to deal with your matter, you can then rest assured we have you covered. 

  • Advice prior to litigation
  • Settlement Agreements and Exit Agreements 
  • Tribunal preparatory work
  • Case Preparation
  • Tribunal Representation

Our team of practicing Employment Lawyers are on hand to deal with your matter at any time, our pricing transparency is detailed on our website, we also offer many documents and you can find a range on our Packages Page, should you require any further information please contact us.

We represent both Employer and Employees in Employment law matters.

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