HR and Employment Law can be difficult at times, that is why we are here to take the headaches away for you. We love the complexities but thrive on the fun elements too, HR should be about people and we genuinely believe your people drive your business.

Employment Law has so many elements of changing legislation, this means you need experts on your side and we most certainly love Employment Law, never fear though we will not talk to you in jargon.

We ensure we will deliver you positive results, which will lead to:

  • Reduced time spent on conflict management/resolution
  • A positive customer/client image
  • Happy and thriving people
  • Improved candidate attraction, reduced attrition and improved retention 
  • Reduction in the risk of financial and brand damage at tribunals

We have over 45 years of real life experience, we will have dealt scenario’s before many times, nothing shocks us, this is why we get to the root of the issue quickly and effectively for you.

We believe in our internal core values which includes to be an inclusive workforce, we are women led and proud to be so, this is provide opportunities to women in the community, to be heard loud and proud and to enable effective collaboration, each of us then feels empowered to take control of their own destiny. 


Practical HR solutions that work

We provide you with solutions that work for you, we do not work to scripts and we understand HR issues can be difficult, we take away the pressure and deal with this for you seamlessly and effortlessly.


Full HR Service

We do not just resolve HR headaches and keep you legally compliant we work with you to bring out the best in your people and want you to excel in everything you do.


Here for you

We have no centre mentality, with no options on our telephones, you will always speak to your very own dedicated HR Professional, we get to know you from the outset and become part of your extended team.


We do not ask for the earth from you

We have no lengthy contracts, we are confident you will love us, our current clients love us too.

Hello, I’m Fran and I head up HR and You, I ensure that within my small but growing team everyone has a voice and the opportunity to contribute in its success, I believe in people and that they drive your business forward too.

I thrive on my business goals but love my family too, with 3 children and 2 mini Dachshunds there is never a dull moment.

As you look around our website you will notice we are not your usual HR Consultancy and that we embrace a new HR, one that embraces people and focuses on the good in people.

I love HR and Employment Law but never bombard you with jargon I will always make things a simple as I can do and act with your best interests at heart whilst ensuring you remain legally compliant.

I am a Chartered Member of The Chartered Institute of Professional Development and I have worked in many industries, it would be safe to say that there is nothing that would shock me and that I have not already dealt with.

When I started HR and You I decided early on to afford others the opportunity to become their own destiny and have worked tirelessly to create our Franchise model, why not take a look at our Franchise page to find more, we have 50 opportunities waiting for you to explore.

Hello, I’m Lulu I enjoy working here and I have been here since 2019, I started as a work placement and seemed to just get rooted to the spot, apart from being part of HR and You I am Fran’s daughter, my job is relaxed, happy and I am offered an opinion into many areas.

I live with my family, love to go out meeting my friends, spending money on clothes and make-up.

Since joining I have learnt so much, sure I complete lots of administration but I do get the opportunity to meet clients and to learn about areas of HR and Employment Law, I find this interesting even though the subjects are difficult, if I am struggling an explanation is always provided and I am encouraged to write notes for future reference.

In the future I plan to study for my CIPD and become a Chartered Member of The Chartered Institute of Professional Development that along with experience I will be more of an asset in the business meaning I can offer advice and guidance to our clients.

My role is varied and with our planning and preparations for Franchising I have been busy with that too, I am not sure whether all jobs are like this but there is never a dull moment and I love it and couldn’t think of anything I would prefer to be doing.

Hello, I’m Nikki, I am a HR Consultant and support clients with all of their HR matters, whether this be small or complex matters nothing is ever too much trouble.  

I share the passion for the 2 Mini Dachshunds and as a family, we regularly have dog sleepovers these days now I have my own home.

I love the complexities of HR and my job is varied and challenging, I learn new skills every day, what I love the most is working with a diverse range of clients and delivering a service which is a true reflection of its mission.
What matters to me is the outcome and benefits to the client, we work with amazing clients and as the business expands the future brings exciting times for HR and You and I will be busy with that over the coming months, we are a growing business and we are women led, we are proud to be that way, we believe in inclusion for all and want the same for our clients.

Hello I’m Sophie, I am a HR Consultant, here at HR and You. I love my job, I enjoy meeting new people and pride myself on building positive relationships with both my colleagues and my clients.  

I’m outgoing and love the outdoors. Family means the world including my little pooch Nellie. 

I enjoy a challenge and dealing with both the simple and complex issues that arise in HR, nothing is ever too much trouble, we are here to support and give advice.

At HR and You we pride ourselves on our core values and our overarching aim is to bring out the absolute best in your people, we do this by working closely with each of our clients. 

Interestingly we are a women led business and proud to be so, this works well for us, we feel it makes us diverse as a workforce. 

I love the way HR and You are personable and offer bespoke packages to suit you and your business needs. We are here to support you through the complex HR issues, but also to support you with your HR admin that you may not have time to do. 

Hello I’m Natalie, I am a Business Development Manager at HR and You. I love to speak with clients and build long-lasting business relationships. 

My background is sales in various sectors, i simply thrive off the challenges in this role. 

I have a wonderful little boy called Oliver and he has two hamsters called Buddy and Bobby and two Guinea Pigs called Benny and Benji. Quite a crazy house!  

HR is such a critical part of any business it is great to work for a company that offers the best services and provides outstanding customer service. 

We are different and so very proud to be, we never charge anymore than what we say we will, we do not provide our Retained Clients template documents and this is our USP. 

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