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HR and You Ltd is a multi-award winning HR and Employment Law Outsourcing and Consultancy firm based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. With a friendly and personal service, great prices, and support whenever you need it, HR and You Ltd is the ideal choice for you and your business.

Six Reasons We Are Different

One Point of Contact

With HR and You Ltd, you get one HR consultant. No account managers, no call centres full of people who don't know you - just the expert you know and trust.

Bespoke Documentation

All of your documents are made fit for you and your business - no templates, but documents you can receive and send out straight away.

Fully inclusive

Say goodbye to costly hidden fees. With HR and You Ltd, you'll get everything in our package with no extra cost; we pinky swear.

Here for you 24/7

We promise to respond to urgent queries no matter the time and date - even at midnight on Christmas eve.​

No Strings Attached

Let us know when you want to leave, and you can. We trust our clients to know quality service and stick around for it.

100% Insured and Compliant

You'll never find yourself on the wrong side of the law, as we'll keep you up to date, and insure you against liability to boot.

Some of our Multi Award Winning Business Awards and Achievements to be super proud of

You would be surprised how much you can save

HR Manager: £39,950 p/a

The average in-house HR manager's salary starts at £40,000 per year according to Glassdoor; and the costs only climb from there!

HR and You Ltd: £5,976 p/a

For a company with 20 employees, you could save £33,974 a year instead of hiring your own HR Manager. Plus, we have a whole support team behind us!

Why should you choose HR and You Ltd?

HR Outsourcing comes with more benefits than simply keeping your head above legislative water. Human resource admin can be a massive timesink, especially when you have a busy and active business to run. Your concern should be on growing your small business, not managing the nuts and bolts of the system and keeping abreast of every little change to Employment Law.

That’s where HR and Employment Law outsourcing comes in. We provide all of your documents bespoke, so you don’t have to mess around – you just send them once you’ve received them from us, and let us worry about the fiddle. When a problem comes up, don’t sweat the details – one of our experts can guide you in the right direction and explain how Employment Law applies to you and your exact situation.

Other reasons to switch to HR and You Ltd

So many companies have already made the switch from other HR outsourcing providers, not all of these are the big providers either; realising the offering was not fit for their needs. They tell us, ‘we were promised, a 1-1 service and all we got was an account manager, we didn’t want a long contract, we wanted site visits but we are charged for them, our documents are not legally compliant, we wanted bespoke documents and ours are templates, we wanted a 24/7 service and they are not open when they say they are’…

The list is endless, it is true that we find service falls far short of what promises are offered in reality….

We know we offer outstanding HR Outsourcing, it is why we set up HR and You Ltd – so why not give us a call and see how we can make a difference

We offer you so much more

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We believe your people drive your business, and happy, thriving people will allow you to be the absolute best you can be; contact us now to get a free, no-strings attached consulation to discuss what HR and You Ltd can do for your business.



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